Spark Erosion – Stud Removal

DMI Dubai strives to minimize the downtime for customers by offering on site broken stud removal. You will be able to realize tremendous cost saving associated with disassembly, removal, logistics & reinstallation. The primary equipment used is a portable metal disintegration machine. With a portable metal disintegration machine a square hole on the top of the broken portion can be machined, sometimes at the bottom of a deep clearance hole in the engine block. Once this is completed, the stud can usually be removed using a large impact gun to drive out the broken stud. Seized studs due to severe corrosion could pick-up the threads on the engine block. A precision electrode collapses the seized stud leaving serviceable threads in the engine block ready for the new stud. Stud removal is also offered for other industries such as refineries and power plants, especially for turbine casings.

Features of broken stud removal by our precise and accurate spark erosion method:

  • Rapid stud and bolt removal using latest portable metal disintegration technology.
  • Many advantages over conventional method such as stud drilling.
  • Rapid deployment Europe/worldwide by fully equipped vehicle or by air.
  • Special cylinder head stud removal mounting kits, in stock for most well-known marine main engines.
  • Seized or “picked up” studs removed without further damage to the threaded hole.
  • Fully equipped workshop to prepare special equipment at short notice including manufacture of one off precision electrodes.

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