Company Profile

A global player and a market leader in surface engineering, Diesel Marine International (DMI) has vast experience in servicing and reconditioning of industrial and marine engine components.

DMI Dubai is a part of the worldwide DMI network of industrial and marine diesel engine components. This network provides ship owners and operators with cost effective, high quality components that have been reconditioned to original OEM specifications. With common components available in stock, the exchange services will allow for minimal downtime of vessels.

DMI Dubai has a reconditioning license and a marketing agreement with Diesel Marine International Limited, UK to upgrade and extend the operational life and reduce the cost of key engine components such as piston crowns, cylinder covers, piston skirts, exhaust valve spindles, piston rods, seats and cages.

DMI Dubai currently has complete technical specifications and production technology for:

  • Reconditioning of large steel pistons to original conditions, including chrome plating and grinding of ring grooves.
  • Reconditioning of large steel cylinder covers, including the replacement of the cast steel combustion chamber.
  • Reconditioning of piston skirts, with replacement of the rubbing band(s).
  • Reconditioning of exhaust valve spindles, seats and cages, with the use of hard surface technologies where necessary.
  • Reconditioning of piston rods based on customer or OEM specifications.

Services available at DMI Dubai include hard chrome plating, nickel plating, metal spraying, weld overlaying, re-babbitting, metal stitching, machining, in house grinding, crankshaft grinding, honing, in-situ machining, foundry services and heat treatment.

DMI’s policy is to provide its customers with quality services. In order to comply with this policy, DMI issues its entire network with standard drawings, process and technology information from its central technical department. Leveraging technical knowhow and latest surface technologies, DMI Dubai continuously strives to provide components and services that meet or exceed customer requirements at a competitive price.