Cylinder Liners

Cylinder liners serve as the inner wall of the cylinder and form a sliding surface for pistons while maintaining the appropriate lubrication inside the cylinder. It is important to restrict the wear on the cylinder liners subsequently reducing the wear on the piston rings and consumption of lubricants.

With continual operation of the engine, the cylinder liner gets glazed and becomes oval leading to a lack of a cross hatching patterns which disallows proper lubrication between the liner and piston. At DMI Dubai the accuracies of cylinder liners is maintained within 0.02 - 0.03 mm for taper/ovality and the surface finish and cross-honing angle are attained within prescribed limits of the OEM specifications. We are capable of honing cylinder liners upto a bore size of up to 1 meter, in the workshop and insitu.

DMI Dubai's process involves the following steps:

  • Pre-inspection to determine wear and damage and ensure it is within OEM wear limits.
  • Honing of cylinder liners to desired surface roughness.
  • Bring down the ovality (if any) within acceptable limit
  • Final Inspection.