Metal Stitching

Certain components are difficult to weld; Trinity offers a cold repair solution for these components by means of metal stitching. Trained technicians, with the help of procedures and systems from Australia and Denmark, are able to repair such components. Our team is equipped to work with a wide range of materials. Commonly repaired components include:

  1. Engine blocks
  2. Cylinder heads
  3. Transmission Housings
  4. Water cooled manifolds
  5. Turbo charger casings
  6. Gearbox casings

To ensure quality service, we carry out pressure testing of engine blocks and cylinder heads after completion of metal stitching.

More about metal stitching

Metal stitching can be used to repair parts of all sizes from small casings to large engine blocks. The lack of heat input prevents the creation of any thermal stresses thus eliminating the need to machine out any misalignment or wrap-age that would have been created due to heat input. Additionally, metal stitching can prove to be advantageous in flammable areas where flame and welding arc may be prohibited. Our skilled engineers are able to custom build missing or broken parts in-house and stitch them onsite as per customer requirements.