Connecting Rods

DMI Dubai's reconditioning process for connecting rods is developed to give ship operators, ready access to low cost reconditioning.

Common defects observed in connecting rods include:

  • Excessive ovality of big end bore
  • Improper fit of connecting rod small end and its bushes
  • Crack on serration area
  • Loose small end bushes
  • Damage to big end bore due to overheating, bolt or thread damage

Our reconditioning process involves detailed inspection to address all critical areas. All serration and bolts are checked for cracks. If any cracks are found on these areas then the rod is considered beyond repair. Rod and cap are then tightened as per OEM's instruction. Big end bore is checked for ovality. In line with our QA and QC procedures all the records are measured and reported.

DMI Dubai's repair procedure:

  • Grinding of serration on rod and cap side on milling machine, reducing the dimensions vertically and bringing the big end to oval shape.
  • Rod and cap are assembled together and the mating faces are checked with blue paste, bolts are tightened to required torque as per the OEM instructions.
  • Grinding of parent bore to ensure proper alignment with respect to small end bore.
  • Shrink-fitting of the small end bush
  • Final inspection.