Ancillary Equipment

DMI Dubai is well equipped to carry out repair and reconditioning work for most ancillary equipment on a vessel. Components are often re-engineered and at times modified to suit customer requirements. DMI Dubai has an entire section dedicated to supply and installation of hydraulic hoses, fittings and expansion bellows.

The team is well trained to work with numerous parts of the propeller system such as:

  • Propeller shaft - Manufacture and repair. Repair services include thermal spray/chrome plating on worn out seal areas, gland packing and bearing areas. Re-sleeving and cladding works.
  • Stern Tube and stern tube bushes - Line boring of stern tube, manufacturing new stern tube bushes and re-lining the bushes with white metal.
  • Re-conditioning works on CPP hub and its accessories.

Apart from this, DMI Dubai engineers are able to provide the following services for the ancillary equipment on a vessel:

  1. Manufacture of thruster parts to class requirements.
  2. Windlass systems - repair and manufacturing of clutch housings, winches, gears and its accessories.
  3. Hydraulic jacks - Repair, re-conditioning and manufacturing of hydraulic jacks. Chrome plating of piston rods and cylinder rams.
  4. Repair and manufacturing of auxiliary items like pump casings, shafts, impellers, motor casings, intermediate shafts, sheaves.
  5. Gear Boxes - DMI Dubai possess the ability to re-condition and manufacture new gear boxes and its accessories.

Spare parts supply:

  • DMI Dubai’s global network provides spare part supply services of both OEM & non OEM category
  • Range of supply: MAN, Wartsila, Sulzar, Yanmar, Daihatsu, MAK, Cummins etc.
  • In addition to engine spares, DMI supply a range of parts for all types of purifiers, pumps & valves, compressors and filters through its global networks.

Overhaul Services