Piston Rods

Contamination of the lubrication oil system and the high consumption of lubricating oil can be caused by a worn out piston rod. DMI Dubai’s reconditioning process brings the piston rod back to OEM specification without the need to fit undersized stuffing box rings. The reconditioning of piston rods involves making the surface of the piston rod wear resistant so as to ensure extreme load capacity and a long lifetime. Our process enables piston rods for all types of 2-stroke engines to be fully reconditioned back to the original size quickly and economically.

DMI Dubai employs the following process to recondition piston rods:

  • Cleaning, inspection, alignment control and crack detection.
  • Pre-machining of the worn region to round and clean surface.
  • Grit blasting of the pre-machined area.
  • Metal spraying, welding or chrome plating (based on suitability) of piston rod.
  • Stress relieving of welded area of piston rod (if required).
  • Final grinding to OEM specifications and finish polishing.
  • Re-facing of flange landings (if required).
  • Final Inspection

Based on availability of undersized stuffing box, DMI Dubai is also capable of grinding a piston rod to the next available undersize. DMI Dubai's machines are capable of accommodating pistons rods up to 8 meters long and 1.2 meter diameter.