Crankshaft Grinding

Over the years DMI Dubai has emerged as one of the best service providers in the Middle East when it comes to crankshaft grinding. The best and the largest machines coupled with highly skilled personnel give DMI Dubai the cutting edge when competing in the areas of servicing both the commercial and marine sectors.

DMI Dubai offers a wide range of services for reconditioning crankshafts of various engine types and sizes. DMI Dubai has the largest crankshaft grinding machine in the Middle East, with a capacity of 8 meters length, 1.2 meters diameter and 5 tons weight.

Common failure characteristics observed in the crankshafts include:

  • Scoring marks on journals
  • Heat cracks on journals
  • Increased hardness due to over heating
  • Longitudinal and lateral bend in crankshaft
  • Cracks on journal & sealing area
  • Watermarks
  • Damaged fillet radius

About the Process

DMI Dubai's reconditioning process involves detailed inspection of the crankshaft which includes magna flux inspection (MPI), dye penetrant (DP) or ultrasonic (UT) crack detection. In addition we perform a straightness check, hardness check and dimensional check for all journals and seals. Our detailed pre-inspection enables us to determine the extent of damages in the crankshaft. Based on the inspection and maker’s recommendation, the crankshaft is grounded to next available undersize.

  • Induction Hardening – Depending on viability, some of the journals can be induction hardened to achieve the required hardness.
  • Thermal Spray - In case the sealing journal has a crack, the journal could be ground till the crack disappears, and brought back to the standard size through twin arc metal spray process.
  • Electro Plating – In some special cases depending upon the requirement and feasibility, journals can be chrome plated to the specified sizes.